New Clover Advanced POS Hardware!

I am so pleased to announce that ePOS now offers Clover POS hardware. If you don’t know what they’re about, have a look-see:

And that was just their Flex. They have amazing retail and mobile merchant solutions too! Explore their many videos on that channel.

So they have lots of great stuff to help you run your business, but you can get Clover from many merchant services ISOs. Why go with ePOS? Because we have a free loaner terminal program that you can use toward the high-end point-of-sale-product, Clover.

For example, the Clover Flex costs $400 wholesale. Many companies mark this up to $500 or more. But we give you cash credit for the monthly volume you process.

$30k Monthly = 50% off wholesale, a cost of just $200.

$60k Monthly = Free!

Maybe you’re a restaurant in search of multiple stations. For every $30k you process monthly, we will provide a $200 credit toward hardware.

If you would like to try a Clover terminal or POS station, let us know. You can play with a demo unit, or try an account and we’ll hand deliver your own Clover hardware ready to use. As usual, we have no early termination fee and local support. So if you change your mind, you can return it in like-new condition for a refund if you even paid anything.

Here are some videos!

Full Restaurant Systems:


Retail with Gift Cards:

Coffee Shop:

Try Clover the best way, with ePOS.


Jason Hanson, Owner