Clarification of EPOS LLC's Position

It has come to my attention that I had some misinformation on I have been informed that ePOS LLC is not and has never been a registered independent sales office or ISO for Global Direct. For the last three years, ePOS LLC has been a registered referral partner, but on my website it stated “ePOS LLC is a registered ISO of Global Direct.” I didn’t know this distinction existed. I thought “registered referral partner” and “independent sales office” were synonymous.

I have been informed by Spencer Robinson, Division General Counsel of Global Payments, of the distinction of the two terms, and advised to change the statement ePOS LLC’s relationship with Global Payments on my website. I have made that change to my website this morning.

It is my policy that my position in the marketplace be clear to our clients and partners. It was not my intention to cause confusion.

For the last three years, we have referred business to Global Payments by analyzing client prospect needs and providing information to Vinod Jose, an employee of Global Payments who assists me in the account setup and support process. Vinod would then write the application and build the client profile and fee structure as quoted to the client by me. I have acted in good faith, and this misunderstanding has not affected client rates or services.

I apologize for any confusion and hope this clarifies my function over the last three years as referral partner of Global Payments, to my valued clients, partners, and the marketplace. I have verified, and ePOS LLC does remain a registered independent sales office of both First American Payment Systems, Inc., and North American Bancard, LLC.

Thank you,

Jason Hanson, Owner