To benefit 9 month-old Alyssa Renee. You can also donate here to help her family cover costs for surgery in New York.


Charity Partner

Project POOCH has been helping the troubled juveniles of MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn, Oregon since 1993. They pair a qualified young man with a dog from their shelter, and through their unique training program they help rehabilitate both the young man and the dog. A follow-up study of 100 former POOCH youth was done by a doctoral student out of California. None of the 100 young men had become a repeat offender. That's just amazing to us. 

In 2013, ePOS donated just over $600 to Project POOCH. For the year of 2014, through the Oregon Department of Justice verification, ePOS donated $2000 (paid on 8-20-14 and 3-26-15). We know it's small, but as you can see, it's growing. For 2016 ePOS setup a monthly automatic payment program. As of November 2016, we are at $2976.00!

Funds sent to Project POOCH are used for training supplies, dog food, and other necessities. Project POOCH, unlike so many other "charities" has no bloated salaries, extravagant offices, or unnecessary expenses. They put the money donated to good use by helping rehabilitate canine and human citizens. We at ePOS applaud their choices to selflessly make a difference in Oregon. We encourage you to donate at