PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance--What Does it Mean?

A few years back the Payment Card Industry came up with a security standard. The idea was to have every merchant complete a list of questions verifying that they handle customer's credit card numbers and information in a secure way. 

PCI Compliance process helps merchants keep their businesses secure. For example, if a business has a computer POS system handling their credit card transactions, PCI compliance requires a scan of the computers once a year and continuously updated security software. Keeping these things up to date prevents criminals from stealing your customers' card numbers. Just like locking the back door every night. 

The annoying news is that non-compliant merchants are charged a monthly fee of $19.95. Please know that this is not a trumped up fee to pad ePOS' wallet. We don't receive this money. It goes to offset the risk of merchants who chose to ignore PCI security standards.

We want EVERY ePOS merchant compliant all the time. We are reaching out to our customers this month and helping everyone get compliant. Please, if you get an email from us, or from MyPCI.com, these are legitimate attempts to help you from your current merchant services company. Of course if you get a call or email from someone other than ePOS or MyPCI.com, kindly disregard. 

PCI Compliance saves you money and protects you from liability. Please check your statement for PCI Non-complaince fees. Contact us. We will help you get compliant and prevent further costs imposed by the industry. 

Jason Hanson, ePOS

(Even we have to do it. See?)