"What do you do?"

"Merchant services." It is an odd thing to describe to anyone who doesn't own a business that takes credit cards. If you're a pilot, you say "I'm a pilot." and everyone understands and moves on with their conversation. But most people don't think about credit card terminals, the service behind it, or the many companies it takes to make a single transaction work. 

ePOS LLC is a company I set up to refer clients to the correct merchant services processor so they can get the best deal and free local tech support. My almost 20 years experience in the industry tells me exactly where a referred client can get the best deal. I am not paid by clients who are referred to my partner processors. There is no application fee.

So how do we make a profit? Everyone needs a profit to live and to thrive. We make our living by referral payments from our processing partner. Much like an independent insurance agent, I find the figurative best "policy" for business owners in America. 

This free service saves referred clients money and gives them a local person to whom they can pose questions and get straight answers. 

I write this in part to publicly clarify what ePOS does for transparency to my clients. And in part to clarify that we do not owe for taxes in Multnomah county. We owe Oregon state taxes and federal taxes as we are located and doing business in North Plains Oregon.