Please hold for a 17-minute survey…

Don't you just hate being hounded to give reviews? For the most part, I feel that surveys waste our time on this planet. And plenty of other people are usually willing to review a small business on Yelp or Google+. 

But merchant service companies are often reviewed only when something went wrong. Why? Because the credit card terminal is like an air-conditioner-- you only notice it when it breaks. 

If your merchant service company works hard to give you good, honest service please give them (or us) a review. Rate us on Google+ through the Google Map app, or by searching ePOS Portland Google+ and click on the pencil icon.  

Honest companies like mine, or for example Signature Business Solutions in Arizona, need your recommendation to succeed. Plus, by recommending people like us, you're reinforcing honest business practices in a wildly unregulated industry. 

Thank you! 

Jason Hanson, ePOS