In 1998 . . .

I started selling merchant services. I was not quite 18. My dad had to sign the forms as the "sales rep" so everything was legit. But the owner at Grandma Goodman's Country Store in St. David, AZ, took a chance and signed up for credit card processing services from a kid.

I'll never forget that first merchant. I worked for three months trying to sell, but no one wanted to buy from a 17 year-old who looked 14. 

Since then I have grown by working in merchant services with several different ISO's. In 2009, I opened my own ISO. 

Our small group of four, work hard to help our clients and provide real value in North Plains, Oregon. 

You can call, email, or make an appointment to stop by. Tea is at 3. Cocktails at 6. 

Jason Hanson, ePOS