Early Termination Fees from Credit Card Processing ISO's

Three days ago in Portland, a small clothing retailer called their old merchant services company to close their account. 

After a three minute hold the representative came back on the line and said that the early termination fee came to $1547.

The business owner called me for help. We both agreed that $1547 seemed like an arbitrary and insane figure. So we had called back and demanded the representative send us a copy of the original signed contract that indicated such a large early termination fee. Upon examination of the contract we found that no such early termination fee was indicated. 

So if you find yourself closing your account with another merchant services company, never pay the early termination fee without demanding a copy of the signed contract first.

And in today's competitive market there is absolutely no reason to ever sign a contract for credit card processing that requires an early termination fee.

Why not go with ePOS? We have no contracts, and no early termination fees.

The only way we can retain your business is by providing excellent low cost service, and free modern Apple pay compatible equipment. 

And even if we can't get you out of your current contract, we do have a program that pays up to $300 of your early termination fee when you open an account with ePOS. Love. Not contracts. 



Jason Hanson, ePOS  




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