Something New in Restaurant Point of Sale

Just 5 years ago a restaurant had to budget around $5000.00 per station for a fast, quality POS system. The systems were often Windows-based (like Aloha). They were susceptible to spyware and the like, leaving the restaurant open to huge liability when handling customer credit cards. So my little Merchant Services ISO tried to avoid the Touch Screen POS business from 2008 to 2013. We encouraged merchants to use traditional terminals until things got better. Well they have. And now you can get a complete POS station for less than $900.00.

The iPad came out but it took some time to become powerful. Now it is. This has allowed app developers to build comprehensive retail and restaurant apps for tablets. There are now SO MANY options for a new business that wants to use iPads or Android tablets as a POS solution. 

But there is a concern: many POS App developers got into the Merchant Services business. This meant to use their app, you'd have to use their processing service. And once you signed up, you'd be stuck with their rates unless you want to completely change your POS system. 

Then ShopKeep came along. They let you use any Merchant Services company you want. That means you can find the best Merchant Services deal on the market and plug it into your ShopKeep system. They also have no contract and charge just $49 per station, per month.

It also means that they only make money if you use their software. They know you'll only continue using their POS App if it's awesome. Companies who insist on a contract term beyond 30-days in today's market, are usually only doing that because they know you won't stay on your own, out of satisfaction.

That's why ePOS and Shopkeep are now working together. ePOS provides fast, low-cost, credit card processing, and Shopkeep provides the excellent POS application. With both companies you are contract free. Your hardware will work with dozens of other companies out there! We know you'll stay because we know you'll love ShopKeep and ePOS. 


Jason Hanson, ePOS