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Welcome to the ePOS LLC e-signature authorization. 

By digitally signing below, I herby authorize ePOS LLC to process my card payment services change as detailed herein:


1. I, as an authorized representative of my company, hereby authorize EPOS LLC to migrate my company's merchant services account(s) to a new platform. I acknowledge that I am continuing to use EPOS LLC and that this is an internal migration or change as indicated in the copy of merchant agreement provided. 

2. The migration will result in no contract term or extension. My services continue to be contract free. There will be no interruption in services. There is no charge for this migration.

3. The migration will result in the deletion of the following items: the annual PCI compliance questionnaire requirement, the  annual PCI fee of $129.00, and the annual "regulatory" fee of $99.00.

4. Rates for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, PayPal and signature debit card transaction will not increase as a result of this migration. Rates shall remain at interchange +75 basis points ($7.50 per $1000 processed). 

5. I acknowledge that I will be required to continue implementing policy for PCI compliance and Card Payment Industry Best Practices as indicated in the merchant services terms and conditions for cardholder security. 

6. I acknowledge that I have received a full disclosure of merchant services terms and conditions and rates and fees and/or that the original terms and conditions for merchant services processing still applies. 

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